Review – Just Another Shop without Buyer Feedbacks—Stay Away! represents another online pharmacy site which offers various prescription and OTC products in brand and generic names, although the store sells mostly generic products. According to All Day Pill/, it is capable of supplying medications to various clients around the globe—medications which are economical yet uncompromising in terms of quality. There is not much information on, such as where it sources its medications or its date of inception. These data which should have been incorporated in the “about” page of the store are missing, and the shop merely described its service instead of providing any concrete information about the shop.

The store,, sports the archetypal medical condition list you can find at almost all online drugstores. The only difference of this shop’s list is that the ailment categories are arranged rather arbitrarily and not in alpha order. You can find products for men’s health, hair loss, smoking cessation, pain relief, acne, cancer, bacterial infections, and other meds. offers several drug choices for each drug medical category on the shop, so consumers can have enough to choose from when it comes to the products in the store. Brands sold by All Day Pill include Cipla, Sun Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Intas Pharma, Pfizer, GSK, Deluge Pharma, and other renowned generic and brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers.

If you’re looking for male erectile dysfunction treatments, may be a considerable shop to get them from, as the store offers several options for impotence treatments, although most are generic analogs of the famed branded medications (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra), such as Sildamax, Valif, Tadalis SX, Tadacip, Suhagra, and various others. As for the prices, you can have Tadacip 20 mg from Cipla (generic Cialis) for $42.78 for 20 tablets. Generic Viagra 100 mg, in the form of Suhagra from Cipla, on the other hand, is sold for $25.24 each.

There was no mention of the products being approved by the FDA, but since these medications are from renowned Indian manufacturers, these products are at least approved by the Indian FDA. The prescription policy is not also deliberated on All Day Pill, so we can assume that the store permits the sale of its products even without prescriptions.

The store charges a flat rate of $25 on all orders, regardless of the buyer location. Payments accepted by the store, on the other hand, include AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. In the case of non-received orders in 30 days after the meds are shipped, the consumers are advised to reach out to the store via its ticket system or its phone numbers for the resolution of the complaints. Reviews

The shop All Day Pill has its own review section, and the store has several buyer comments showcased on its testimonials page. All of the reviews on the store are positive, which indicates the buyers’ contentment when it came to the shop’s service.

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According to Maria Hernandez (posted October 2013), she was able to receive her orders in 7 days. She was happy that she was able to receive her orders in a short amount of time.

Stuart Holmes (posted August 2013), on the other hand, commended the shop’s ability to satisfy his order’s special needs. He also exclaimed on how good the prices of the products on are.

Besides these reviews, more comments were still posted on All Day Pill. But since these testimonials were only from the shop’s site, they can’t be trusted 100%, as they may only be faked by the store to gain more followers. Reviews 2017

All Day Pill reviews for 2017 are accessible in the store, but since they are on-site, their reliability is not 100% like the reviews posted on third-party review sites. It is notable that the reviews are all positive and are relating how fast the orders were received, and are all exclaiming about the good prices for the products on the store.

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Whilst the low product prices are indeed true, these comments may still be untrue since these reviews are only found in the store. It is better to rely on external reviews for online pharmacies since they are unbiased and are more truthful than on-site comments.

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Since Alldaypill does not have external comments for its service, I tried looking for other records for the store from unbiased sources. Luckily, the shop has a record from Scam Adviser’s database—the store was given an 81% rating and although there were no issues identified for the shop, the store’s expected life span is only 1 year. As for the shop’s current age, the store is on its 3rd year of existence. Its actual location is also traced in New Zealand and the Netherlands. Coupon Codes

The store offers free shipping on all orders above $249, and this offer is valid for all the products on the store.

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Besides the free shipping offer on, the shop is also giving the buyers 10% extra pills whenever the buyers pay using PayPal for their orders. However, it is curious that the shop offers this to its buyers whilst it does not offer PayPal as one of its payment methods.

Conclusion supplies mostly generic products from famed Indian manufacturers. I like how the product prices on the store are low, but I did not appreciate that the shop does not have enough web mentions and buyer reviews for its service. Because no buyer can truly attest to the shop’s good service, I am giving this shop only 2 out of 5 and recommend buyers to consider other online stores.