Review – European Fulfillment Pharmacy with Inaccessible Customer Service is the website for Aura Pharmaceutical Specialties. I paid this website a visit recently when shopping for some prescribed medications. On the homepage and subsequently the FAQ menu, I learned that Aurapharm is a European Fulfillment Pharmacy which was created to deliver medicines of the highest quality at the best price in the market. Also, it has been providing this service since 2002.

The menu labeled “our service” revealed that Aurapharm neither provides pharmaceutical advice nor medical advice. Instead, I was urged to seek such advice locally since all this pharmacy is concerned with is delivery. This prompted me to head for the ‘frequently asked questions’ tab to confirm if this meant that they did not require prescriptions before sales. The answer which was given to the question of whether they ship prescription drugs was rather vague. It focused on Aurapharm’s unwillingness to ship tranquilizers or opioids citing potential abuse as a deciding factor. It seemed like prescriptions aren’t required.

Back on the homepage, I noticed that I could order a lot of popular medicines like HGH supplements, Neurofen Plus, Ro-Accutane, Dostinex, asthma medications, as well as rarer medications like Valdoxan for depression on All categories were listed at the top and on the left-hand side of the page – a comprehensive list including antibiotics, dopamine agonists, antipsychotics, contraceptives, and erectile dysfunction medicines.

As for erectile dysfunction treatment, I found out that Aurapharm stocks Viagra by Pfizer, Levitra by Bayer, and Cialis by Lilly. Four tablets of Viagra 100mg cost $80, and 2 tablets of 20mg Cialis costs $60. Four tablets of 20mg Levitra costs $75 while four tablets of 10mg Levitra costs $60. I also learned that Aurapharm accepts credit card payments but only cards by Visa or MasterCard. I found that orders are delivered worldwide (except Austria, Finland, and Norway) within an average of 21 days. This pharmacy uses registered airmail which costs $20 irrespective of shipping address, but also provides free airmail for purchases over $250. Online tracking is available except in the UK.

Aurapharm’s return policy allows both full refunds and exchanges if the product is returned intact. At this point, I wanted more information on prescriptions so I sent a mail to [email protected] No response. So, I looked for reviews. Reviews

I discovered that is one of a few online pharmacies that do not publish positive reviews on their website. While I thought this was a break from the norm, I also knew it would be much better to find such reviews on unaffiliated websites. Thankfully, I found reviews on a couple of sites which I will highlight here.

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I found the review on top on a reliable pharmacy review site. In that 2012 review, customer B.Houston revealed that he had been a regular at over “the past nine months”. In that time he describes aurapharm as a “reliable” vendor that provided “fair pricing” and “fast shipping”. All of a sudden, he discovered the company had run out of Stabion and when he tried to get a hold of customer service, he could not reach them. He had to look for another supplier and downgraded his previous rating of 4 stars to 2 stars. image4 4 image3 4

I found some other reviews on yet another independent site. A three-year-old review from a user named Luda281 was more negative. He ordered “some ai” from them for a good price but once he received his order he discovered “the product came with an expiration date 6 months from the date of the purchase”. He was similarly “unable to reach them” and thought the weakness of the drug was related to the approaching expiry date. At this point, I was having mixed feelings about Aurapharm’s service. Reviews 2017

For the sake of certainty, I started searching for more recent consumer reviews. And luckily, I found some reviews from a few months ago. A longtime customer named Hardwood24 who was awaiting an outstanding order wrote about how he received an email from Aurapharm and subsequently demanded to know the status of his order in reply. He also informed them he “would not place a new order until this issue is resolved”.

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Aurapharm informed him that they had been out of business for a while but will “resend my order”. He got his previous order and placed a new one. He recommended the pharmacy after praising for upgrading its customer service. He also urged prospective consumers to take older negative reviews “with a grain of salt”. I waited to confirm his assessment of Aurapharm’s email response time. Coupon Codes

In my experience with online shopping, I have come across some very aggressive marketing strategies so I searched for Aurapharm’s offers. Coupons are one of the most popular offers on online stores but on, I did not find any coupon codes. I did get to learn, as I mentioned earlier, about their offer of free airmail shipping for purchases exceeding 250 US dollars.

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While I thought that was a generous enough offer and considered taking advantage of it, I knew they could do much better. Their prices are usually the cheapest available but they aren’t the only ones who offer the cheapest prices. They need to step up their game in that department. Coupons would be a nice way of doing so.


I like that does not bother with publishing positive testimonials on the site. I viewed the absence of a menu dedicated to such reviews as a good sign. This made me value the availability of independent reviews on detached pharmacy review sites. The picture these reviews paint of is one of cautious optimism. I found that this European fulfillment pharmacy takes advantage of the different health care systems in Individual European countries to deliver the lowest prices. While I read customer testimonials for the pharmacy’s service, I noticed one common thread: reaching customer care is difficult. I personally confirmed that; I haven’t got a reply to my message. The more recent reviews attempted to reduce concerns about customer service accessibility but mine persist. I would have placed an order if they were accessible. I give Aurapharm two out of five stars.