Review – A Site Full of Errors and Malware is a pharmacy capable of providing many medications but with a specialization in dispensing ED drugs. I had immediate setbacks from the moment I first opened the page: my browser alerted me for the unsafety of browsing this site due to existent malware, and a fee of $28.50 on my shopping card, even though I haven’t clicked on anything yet.

After deactivating my anti-virus, I was finally able to access the page completely. I hope nothing bad will happen to my laptop.

The website is filled with programming errors. Buy Viagra Online Shop is one of those stores I’d close immediately if I wasn’t reviewing it. Additionally, the store presents many grammatical mistakes, another proof of Buy Viagra Online Shop apparent lack of professionalism.

Nothing specifically is disclosed on the company’s “About Us” section. I can see right away that it wasn’t written by a native English speaker, but no information concerning its whereabouts was provided. is catering both brand-name and generic medications. The store is dispensing generic Cialis for as low as $1.07 per tablet, whereas each generic Viagra pill can be obtained at a starting price of $0.41. The pharmacy will ship my meds using two different options: a trackable courier for $30.00 for an average delivery of 14 days, or a non-trackable service for $10 which, oddly, takes only 5-9 days to deliver.

As for the store’s return and refunds policy, Buy Viagra Online Shop keeps the information very short. It is, indeed, possible to return an ineffective product within 30 days after receiving the product. When the company receives back the item, a full refund will take place.

The company may be reached via their live chat, which was offline at the time of my visit. No further contacts are provided. Reviews

I was looking through the internet to check if there were any available testimonials written by previous customers of Sadly, I found none in independent and trustworthy reviews sites, making me believe this pharmacy is not widely known on the internet.

I gathered some reviews attached to Buy Viagra Online Shop official website. I typically don’t see this kind of reviews since there’s a big chance they are compromised and written by the store personnel. The testimonials are an attempt to trick customers into buying from this store, thus this behavior is condemnable.

Either way, I have to give Buy Viagra Online Shop a chance. Suzan is a client that prefers “herbal products” and ordered a weight loss product named “Acai berry”. According to her, the product was effective as she “lost some weight”.

Stephen Smith is another client who ordered some meds to his granddad. Despite being nervous, Stephen verified that the store is “honest” since Buy Viagra Online Shop called his grandfather to check if everything was alright.

Mike, from Chicago, received a package that looked like a “usual registered letter”. Whilst afraid, Mike was “pleasantly surprised” to see the products looked as the pictures on the website.

Not only these reviews are attached to the store’s official website, but they are also seen in other online drugstores sites. The reviews are copied from one site to another. I won’t indulge this unforgivable behavior, thus won’t ever see my money.

image4 5 Reviews 2017

I must have more concrete proofs about the possible illegitimacy. After these unreliable and copied testimonials, I did a fast analysis to the pharmacy’s website status, only to ascertain how insecure Buy Viagra Online Shop is.

image2 5

Scam Adviser warned me immediately about this pharmacy’s untrustworthiness. Buy Viagra Online Shop has a very low trust rating and is considered to be illegal and noncredible. One of the reasons, besides having malware on its site, the pharmacy is likely located in Russia, a country that is many times associated with fraudulent activities.

image3 5

Alarmingly, this source of Erectile Dysfunction drugs is suggested as a rogue internet pharmacy by Legit Script.  Buy Viagra Online Shop is likely to be either dispensing unapproved meds or operating without a proper legal consent. This store is an unverified vendor and I’ll buy my meds elsewhere. Coupon Codes

Like many other e-commerce websites, seems to be aware of the importance of having a discount section on its website. The store is offering two distinct bonuses to its clients, which would be substantially nicer if Buy Viagra Online Shop reputation was far better. Nevertheless, the pharmacy is offering a 10% discount on all orders for returning customers. Loyalty is paid off by getting a small discount after the first purchase.

Additionally, Buy Viagra Online Shop ensures a shipping free of cost for orders above $200. After reaching this amount, clients don’t have to worry about shipping costs.

image1 5

Conclusion is a store that possesses too many red flags to be taken seriously. This pharmacy’s trustworthiness is pretty much inexistent and I won’t ever spend a single penny here, nor I trust the legitimacy of its dispensed drugs. Despite its low prices, Buy Viagra Online Shop is an unreliable and almost despicable online drugstore that is likely a rogue. After performing security checks, I realized Buy Viagra Online Shop has a very poor trust rate and credibility among scam alert sites. Both Legit Scrip and Scam Adviser alerted me to the possibility of being ripped off by this pharmacy. Additionally, the only existent reviews are plain copies of many other of testimonials of different online drugstores. This kind of inadmissible trick is more than enough to lose all credibility in my regards.

At the end, I won’t buy a single pill from, giving this e-pharmacy the lowest possible rate: a 1 out of 5 stars.