Certified-drugstore-rx.com Review – Quick Customer Services with Bad Reviews

Certified-drugstore-rx.com looks quite attractive as the store, advertised some of the top dollar amount erectile dysfunction pills listed at very low prices. The website does not have the actual name at the top, and its store name read “Trusted Pharmacy” instead of Certified Drugstore Rx.

On Certified-drugstore-rx, there is a menu located on the left-hand side that allows for you to browse various store products for any medical concern. Certified Drugstore Rx offers services to the US & European countries, and not really worldwide, like the other online pharmacies in the market. As for the shop’s location, it is operating out of India, and sources and ships its products out of the same country. According to Certified Drugstore Rx, its products are regulated/approved by the Indian FDA.

The main page, as stated, has direct links to ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medications and their prices. Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), the famed erectile dysfunction medication is sold in various doses at Certified Drugstore Rx starting at $0.69. However, after clicking on the link I found out that the lowest dose of 25 mg is actually $1.79 per pill for the minimum purchase and the $0.69 per pill price is for the bulk orders. The more that you buy the lower cost per tablet it becomes, although to reach the lowest amount, you have to buy an outrageously large quantity of the products.  As for Cialis soft pills, the average cost per tablet is $1.45 and the generic Cialis regular tablets in dosages of 10 to 80 mg start at around $1.30 per tablet. If you’re interested in ordering from Certified-drugstore-rx.com, you must place your orders on the website and not via phone or email, and you have to pay via credit card.


The handling and verification procedure on Certified-drugstore-rx.com takes about two days before the product is shipped.  Certified-drugstore-rx.com use Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail for product shipping; Standard International Airmail costs $10, but there is no tracking information on your purchased product. It will take approximately 10-21 days to be delivered. On the other hand, Express International Mail costs $30.00 and does provide tracking information. The price is a little higher; however, the customer will receive their package much sooner within 5 to 9 days.

The “contact us” tab allows for the numbers and to email the pharmacy. Looking at the contact page, it looks like the shop has different support teams for various countries, but the shop’s support team is only English speaking. Certified-drugstore-rx.com customer service is both fast and informative. I had sent a message in regards to customs and the FDA policy from India to the United States.

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If you were to order a medication and are not happy with the product, you can contact customer service and send back the medication.  Certified-drugstore-rx.com refund process can take 5 to 7 business days.  

Certified-drugstore-rx.com Reviews

I think this pharmacy is both professional and provides quality of their service to their customers, but the store doesn’t have the reviews to back up their loyalty to their customers. After looking at Certified-drugstore-rx website reviews there are first names of some of the customers not all, also making it a very broad review.

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One reviewer stated that he was “very busy with my girlfriends,” a comment which seems rather inappropriate to be displayed on a professional website.  The reviews were also found on other websites which means that these are fake which brings down most of the trust the customer has with the company. Fake reviews usually put a signal that a store is a high-risk website.

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The review above (from Complaintsboard) shows that a customer did not receive the product that he ordered and could not get ahold of the company. This also brings down the trust given by consumers to this company because any customer would not want to order if there are reviews about orders being undelivered.  

Certified-drugstore-rx.com Reviews 2017

After reviewing this pharmacy, I don’t think I would choose to order any medications from this website.  Here are additional reports for the status for Certified Drugstore RX:

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Legit Script gave a “rogue internet pharmacy rating” to Certified Drugstore, and the pharmacy rating makes me very uneasy as it implies that the store is not a trusted online pharmacy.  It also stated that the website is most likely from the United States and although the store claims to be from India.

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Certified-drugstore-rx.com was rated by Scam Adviser as a high-risk store which allows the buyer information to be vulnerable (like their credit card and personal information).  A very low trust rating for a web store is not good for buyers, as there is a high possibility that buyers are going to get scammed by a shop with a low trust rating.

Certified-drugstore-rx.com Coupon Codes

Certified-drugstore-rx.com does offer incentives for buying more of the products in the store—the more you buy the cheaper the prices get.

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Besides the cheaper prices as orders get larger, Certified-drugwstore-rx.com also offers free shipping for buyers with orders greater than $150, freebie pills for buyers with at least 20-pill purchases, and discounts for returning buyers and referrals.


After really going over Certified-drugstore-rx and what it has to offer, I think I would rather take my business elsewhere. The shop has no promise that I will get my products, and this makes me very worried—I wouldn’t like to share my credit card information with a website which could charge me for a product that I may not be able to receive. I would give Certified-drugstore-rx.com 2 as the website is presentable and its customer service polite, but beyond that, I see nothing else great about Certified Drugstore Rx.