Cheap Rx Reviews: Your Consistent Source of Effective Generic and Branded Medicines On The Web

Cheap Rx is a group of online stores that offer medicines, both generic and branded. These medicines are served worldwide as they offer international shipping. Most of the medicines they offer are drugs for treating erectile dysfunction, a condition that men find easier to hide than disclose to a doctor. Cheap Rx is based in Canada but their reach is worldwide.

Customers can gain a lot from Cheap Rx e-stores. Among the things, that anyone can take advantage of from this site are:

  • The general information they provide about each medicine they sell
  • The low-priced medicines they offers
  • The worldwide shipping they offer
  • The perks and benefits that comes with their service
  • Their friendly and helpful support team

Cheap Rx Reviews

When it comes to making a research about an online store or a service offered online, one of the ways for us to check its reliability is by reading customer reviews. We consider customer reviews as the real thing when it comes to what a store offers or what they provide. We believe that customers are writing reviews mostly for two reasons, they are very happy with what they got or they are very dissatisfied that they don’t want their fellow online shoppers to make the same mistake. Fortunately for Cheap Rx, we don’t have to search far to find its customer reviews.

Cheap Rx Reviews

We got three customer reviews for Cheap Rx and its affiliates of online drugstores. One was from Smith of the UK, one from Dorothy, and another one from Samuel of France.

Smith said that his experience with buying from Cheap Rx was positive as well as Dorothy. Dorothy even added that she received an excellent service. Dorothy contacted the support team of Cheap Rx and was happy with the way they helped her. It was a bonus that the prices of medicines they offer are good and the quality of the medicines are high.

The last review we found was from Samuel. What Samuel find amazing in this store was the speedy delivery and the updates he was receiving every day until he received his order. Samuel turned out to be a loyal customer of Cheap Rx because of his great experience during his first order.

Smith S, Dorothy, and Samuel are just some of the happy customers of Cheap Rx. They are talking about the same thing – great experience with Cheap Rx.

Cheap Rx Online

For people who are not familiar with network pharmacies, they often think that members of network pharmacies like Cheap Rx are clone websites of the other websites that belong to the same network. This might appear true because all Cheap Rx e-stores have the same design, the same products to offer, and the same perks to give to their customers. Their only difference is their domain names or the name of the websites.

Cheap Rx Website

With Cheap Rx e-dispensaries, you can get low-priced yet reliable generic medicines. Their bestsellers include generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet. Cheap Rx understands that Viagra, being an erectile dysfunction medicine is an Rx drug. However, Cheap Rx also understands the dilemma and shame that most men face because of their sexual condition, prompting them to order ED drugs without a prescription. Cheap Rx dispenses ED drugs without asking for a prescription but they advise their customers to talk to a doctor or a health professional and read the leaflet that comes with their medicine before taking it.

Aside from ED medicines, Cheap Rx also offers other medications such as treatment for allergies, infections, weight loss, hair loss, and hypertension. All medicines are processed after a payment is approved. The mode of payment accepted is credit card and major cards like Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Cheap Rx Coupon Codes

With different promotions that online stores can use to promote their websites, releasing coupon codes that customers can use is one of the most popular. Coupon codes are combinations of numbers and letters that correspond to a certain amount or percentage that can be applied to a current purchase. For the meantime, Cheap Rx has not produced any coupon codes that their customers can use. What they have are special offers like a combo pack of Viagra and Cialis for a very affordable price of $46.16. This is for a pack with 10 pieces of Viagra and Cialis.

Cheap Rx Deal

Aside from the special offer that they have, Cheap Rx also gives out free pills to their customers who places an order.

Cheap Rx Phone Numbers

Cheap Rx can be reached in two different ways: by calling them and by sending them a message via their ‘contact us’ page.

Cheap Rx Contact Information

If you have the option to call them, you can call at 718 487 9792 if you are in the US area. If you are in the Great Britain area, the number to dial is 4420 3239 7092.

For their ‘contact us’ page, you can send them your query after filling up the required information such as your name, email address where they can contact you back, and your issue.

Cheap Rx Spam and Phone Calls

Cheap Rx network of online pharmacies does not tolerate sending spam emails and making unwanted calls to people just to market their products. This group of e-stores says they don’t need such tricks to introduce their stores to their customers.


We are handing a rating of 5 stars to Cheap Rx because of their continuous desire to give generic and branded medications to their customers at the lowest price possible. Cheap Rx also deserves it because of its ton of positive customer reviews, a mark of a successful and reliable online pharmacy.