Review – Virtual Pharmacy with Bad Online Reputation is an International Mail Order Online drugstore and Discount Prescription Service provider. They are proud to offer cheap but quality generic drugs and over the counter drugs for their valuable consumers. All products are manufactured from top pharmaceuticals in Turkey, India, and Canada. All drugs and laboratories are licensed and approved by the Food and Drug Administration from their respective countries. The drugstore offers a very wide selection of drugs from different categories. This includes drugs for acne, Alzheimer’s, anti-alcohol, antibiotics, antifungal, antivirals, antidepressants, anti-infective, antispasmodic, antiemetic, antineoplastic, arthritis, asthma, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Bipolar disorder, birth control pills, cancer drugs, diabetes treatment, drugs for erectile dysfunction, treatment for hepatitis c, herpes simplex, malaria, influenza, pain relievers, anti-psychotic, migraines, smoking cessation drugs, and weight loss supplements among others. The prices of their generic brands are absolutely cheaper than the innovator drugs, but a bit pricey compared to other online pharmacies for generic brands. The generic counterpart of Viagra, a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men, costs $2.20 USD per pill. Some online vendors offer this product for as low as $0.6 USD. A valid prescription written in English is required upon placing an order. The pharmacy may dispense up to 3 month supply of medications.

The pharmacy accepts payment by Credit Card. They only accept VISA at the moment. Delivery of packages is via Standard Shipping. Day Night Drugs ships internationally to most countries worldwide. Shipping fee is standard which is $9.99 USD per order and the average delivery time is 21 days for orders in the United States, Canada, and most European countries.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, the pharmacy offers 100% full refund. Return all the products within 30 days and get 100% back, while returning half of the product and you will get 50% refund. You are advised to contact the customer support group for proper assistance.

If you wish to contact a customer care representative, they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may e-mail them at [email protected] or call at 1-647-955-3767. Reviews

Customer reviews were gathered from the seller’s website and all were positive feedbacks about Day Night Drugs.

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Matthew Simons from New Jersey, USA admitted being hesitant to buy medicines online. However, he thought trying Day Night Drugs because the website looked “genuine” to him. The medicines were delivered to him “safe and convenient” within 7 days. He promised to recommend the drugstore to his friends and colleagues.

Martin from London, United Kingdom said that Day Night Drug was “godsend” to him. The drugstore saved him hundreds of dollars for his prescription medication needs and commits to being a lifetime customer of the vendor.

James Staub from Thailand shared that he experienced being misled and disappointed by online stores in Thailand. He was very “grateful” to Day Night Drugs for treating him well and the transaction was “very quickly with no problems”. He also claims to be a loyal customer of the drugstore.

Albeit the good comments, please note that these were all taken from the seller’s website. Hence, the authenticity of each person and their comments cannot be fully guaranteed. Hence, I strongly advise analyzing each testimonial before believing every single detail that we have read. Reviews 2017

Recent data were gathered from and about Day Night Drugs. Results were contradicting with the positive customer feedbacks previously discussed.

pasted image 0 2 has classified the vendor as a Rogue Pharmacy. It means that they did not meet the verification standards set by LegitScript in order to be classified as a good internet pharmacy. It could be because of some guidelines violated pertaining to the safe prescribing and dispensing of medications using the internet.

pasted image 0 3 also does not recommend buying or browsing from the website. It has been working for more than 3 years but doesn’t own an SSL certificate. This is very risky because not owning this kind of certificate risks all the data we put on their website. The website also doesn’t have any trust record and is considered to be a new website.

All these data gathered makes buying from Day Night Drugs very risky. The website that they are using is very unsafe so customers should be very careful before posting their personal information and engaging in any kinds of business with the online seller. Coupon Codes

Apart from the low-cost drugs offered by Day Night Drugs, they are also giving special offers at the moment.

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A 5% discount on all orders shall be given under the coupon code #876543. The website did not specify if there is a minimum quantity required or if all categories of drugs qualify for the said offer.

Conclusion is an online pharmacy offering cheap generic brands of both prescription and over the counter drugs. They are affiliated with top manufacturers from India, Canada, and Turkey. All drugs and suppliers acquired licensing from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from their country of origin. I find the prices of their drugs a bit expensive compared to other online generic pharmacies but definitely cheaper compared to the innovator brands. Ordering and shipping are hassles free because they offer flexible options for the customers.

I am giving 1 out of 5 stars rating for Day Night Drugs because of its reliability and safety issues. Although there were really good comments left by previous customers on the seller’s website, we cannot fully trust the authenticity of the said reviews. Moreover, the pharmacy has been classified as a Rogue Pharmacy. Thus, buying and browsing from the website is unsafe for the consumers. I strongly suggest looking for a more reliable pharmacy with a good and solid online reputation before engaging in any transaction with this online vendor.