Drug-world-canada.com Review – Can you Trust a Store with Fake Buyer Feedbacks?

Drug-world-canada.com is also alternatively called Global Meds, which is odd because the store’s name does not match its domain name. I tried looking into the details available on the store to see where the shop is from and when its service began, but the shop does not have any information concerning the specifics of the online pharmacy. According to Drug-world-canada.com, it is offering brand and prescription medications at discount rates to help buyers cope with increasing local store prices for medicines. Also, according to Global Meds, it is a “professionally managed” generic drug distributor and also a high-quality service provider when it comes to supplying meds. The store exhibits the logos of MIPA, CIPA, and CPA, which indicates that the store may have come from Canada—although there is no confirmation if indeed the store operates from Canada.

Drug-world-canada.com claims that the buyers may able to save up to 70% in cost compared to the local pharmacies. The shop sells medications for various health needs such as pain relief, sleeping difficulties, erectile dysfunction, depression, diabetes, and others. All of the meds found in the store are approved by the FDA, according to Drug World Canada/Global Meds, although they are not actually approved by the US FDA, but FDAs of the manufacturers’ countries. The bestselling meds on Drug-world-canada.com are Viagra, Cialis, Tadapox, Dapoxetine, Doxycycline, Synthroid, and other medications (which mostly belonged to the erectile dysfunction group). Global Meds does not ask for prescriptions for its products, so the meds are dispensed by the store liberally to its buyers.

The prices of the erectile dysfunction meds were my concern on Drug-world-canada.com, and I checked the cost of the products in the shop. Generic Viagra 100 mg costs $33.25 for 10 pills and generic Cialis on the store costs $32.59 for 10 pills of the 20 mg product. Drug-world-canada.com Drug-world-canada.com offers clients lower prices for the meds if they purchase more quantities of the same product. Drug-world-canada.com also offers some freebies for selected products. Buyers can pay for the products on Global Meds using VISA and MasterCard credit cards. No other payment options are credited by Drug-world-canada.com save for these two payment options.

Global Meds is able to ship the products to any part of the world and the shop charges $9.95 for the AirMail shipping option which takes about two to three weeks before arriving at the destination. If you want, you can also have your item shipped via EMS or the express courier, although there is no data concerning the EMS shipping rate charge on Drug-world-canada.com. In case the items do not arrive, the clients are promised refunds or replacement packages for their orders. The shop advises the buyers to contact them in the case of lost orders or damages to the product, so the issue with the products can be resolved. You can reach Drug-world-canada.com using its phone numbers and its message box integration, which is similar to sending an email to the store.

Drug-world-canada.com Reviews

I tried searching for reviews for Drug World Canada/Global Meds, but the shop had no reviews from external review websites. It would be great if Drug-world-canada.com did have comments from buyers posting their opinions concerning the shop’s service, but the Global Meds did not have any feedback whatsoever from its web consumers.

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I spotted several reviews posted by clients on Drug-world-canada.com and they were mostly appreciations for the store’s good products and good service. However, what’s wrong with these user reviews is that they were also found on various online shops and seemingly clone sites of Global Meds. These client testimonials were identical with the testimonials in other online stores, so we can be sure that they were only copied content. These alleged buyer reviews are untrustworthy, which means that the store Drug-world-canada.com is also an unreliable store because it posted fake reviews.

Drug-world-canada.com Reviews 2017

More fake reviews were posted on the testimonials section of Drug-world-canada.com and since they did not have time stamps, I can’t tell when these reviews were posted. The reviews were all positive for the shop’s performance, but since they’re merely plagiarized, there’s no reason to believe these testimonials for Drug-world-canada.com.

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Despite the accolades for the shop on the reviews, I had to turn my attention from them and look for other sources for reviews or at least data for the domain. I used Scam Adviser to check on Drug-world-canada.com and see what other details were available for the online store.

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Based on the results of Scam Adviser for Drug-world-canada.com, the shop was a suspicious, risky website. Global Meds was also detected to have a very young age of only a hundred days, although it is odd that Scam Adviser detected the store as an offline site.

Drug-world-canada.com Coupon Codes

The store did not have coupon codes available but it offers several deals for the clients to enjoy. For a limited time, Global Meds/Drug World Canada gives out free generic Viagra pills for the buyers.

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Apart from the free pills offer, buyers are also allowed to enjoy free shipping on orders exceeding $200.


Drug-world-canada.com is a web pharmacy with a non-matching store name. The shop offers good products and low prices for its medications, and even freebies and free shipping for a certain amount of orders. But, the store is a fraudulent one because it posted fake reviews on its domain. We certainly cannot trust any store with fake reviews, so it is better to steer clear of this site. I am rating Drug-world-canada.com only 1 out of 5.