Review – Medicine Vendor with Credible Customer Feedback says that it is one of the leading pharmacies on the internet that has been working for more than six years. The aim of this pharmacy is to provide top class pharmaceutical products to its clients. All of the products available at Health Care Drug Store are made in India using the best raw ingredients hence; there is no compromise on their quality. The main assortments available at this website include anti-depressants, diabetes, arthritis, diuretics, eye care, skin care, antivirals, antibiotics, surgery, migraine, HIV and a lot more. Among these drugs, I was able to find some ED medications and checked its prices. 50 mg sildenafil citrate or generic Viagra costs 1.99 US Dollars which is costly as per my calculations.

The shipment is made either via Courier Service by paying 30 US Dollars extra and getting the parcel In 5 to 9 days, or by Air Mail service charging 10 US Dollars and delivering within 14 to 21 days. Payments can be made via credit cards, bank wire, money gram, the Western Union or by online checks. Customers can contact the pharmacy by dialing toll free number for US residents i.e. +1 800 532 4808 or a regular number i.e. +1 718 313 1498.  For the residents of UK, another number is provided i.e. +44 200 222 7084. Reviews has successfully received some customer reviews on the internet. These reviews are not restricted to the company’s own website but can be found on several independent reviewing websites.

Drake Wilson is one of the customers who tried this store out and called it as his “favorite online pharmacy”. He said that he shops at this store “with confidence” be he never suffers from any serious problems. He said that he had been a customer at Health Care Drug Store for more than a year and was completely satisfied.

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TrustPilot contains a lot of reviews regarding this website as well. One comment has been made by Margaret Massey who shared her experience with HealthCareDrugStore saying that her husband used to suffer from hair loss for which she ordered a medicine from this store. She mentioned that her husband tried this product for over a month had noticed that “hair loss has been reduced”.  She called Health Care Drug Store as a “good online drug store” and thanked the company saying she will use their service again.

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George C. was “very happy” with the service provided by HealthCareDrugStore as he found their customer service to be “friendly and responsive”. He further explained how the company provides him with “fast answers” both via email and phone. George said that he placed an order for an ED drug and received it “several days after placed it. He rated his overall experience as “awesome”.

These reviews are present on some famous reviewing websites so there is no doubt about their credibility. All the customers seem happy with the services of Health Care Drug Store and have recommended it to others. In the light of these reviews, I can say that HealthCareDrugStore is a good platform for buying authentic drugs. Reviews 2016 has not received any reviews or testimonials from the customers in the recent years. So, I decided to check Scamadviser and Scamner to fill in the gap regarding the reliability of this store.

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As per Scamner, Health Care Drug Store has been given zero percent trust rating. The company owns an SSL certification but its domain has just been registered which seems suspicious. The life expectancy of this store is also low as detected by Scamner. It has been marked as a spam and does not seem to be a trustworthy platform for buying drugs. Scamner has concluded by saying that buying drugs from Health Care Drug Store or even browsing this website is not recommended.

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As per Scamadviser, this drug store seems to be operating from the United States but is based in Canada. There is nothing known about the popularity of this store. Scamadviser has further listed it as a threat and given it a trust rating of 39 percent which means that customers must be really careful while dealing with HealthCareDrugStore. Coupon Codes is offering two types of offers. As per the first offer, customers can avail discount in the prices of drugs by ordering in bulk. For example, Cialis costs 3.80 US Dollars if ordered in an amount of 30 and 2.73 US Dollars if ordered in an amount of 60.

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Furthermore, the customers are also liable to receive 2 free pills if they order drugs from this store.

Conclusion seems like a reliable pharmacy on the basis of customer reviews obtained from independent pharmacies. Even though Scamadviser and Scamner do not seem so sure about this store, the customer reviews speak volume about Health Care Drug Store. I will give this store a rating of 3 out of 5. I will not entirely reject this drug store but will ask the customers to consider buying from here if they do not have any better option for buying ED drugs.