Review – Another Standard and Untrustworthy Canadian Store has been a source of online high-quality medicines at affordable prices for the past three years. This certified pharmacy, likely to be based in Canada, offers generics at incredibly lower rates than a local pharmacy, allowing uninsured patients to purchase their meds without much financial constraint.  The meds are manufactured and shipped from India, produced by the major Indian pharmaceutical companies. MegaPharmaNoRx ensures that all medications are accredited and approved by the Indian FDA.

The website design is pretty common and ordinary though. The pharmacy site looks like almost a clone from many other “Canadian” online drugstores. I am very skeptical about this company already.

The distributed drugs fall into distinct categories: antiallergic, anti-inflammatories, antivirals, antidepressants, antibiotics, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, eye care, men’s and women’s health, neurological disorders, among others. All of them can be paid using Visa and MasterCard, either credit or debit cards, e-checks, or bank wire transfer.

Brand Cialis pills have a starting cost of $12.48 and Pfizer’s Viagra is dispensed from $11.23 per pill. The generic versions are far less expensive. For example, generic Cialis costs $1.61 per tablet, generic Levitra only $2.19/pill, and Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) only $1.01. The prices are competitive, without any doubts. Clients must send a valid prescription in order to buy such products.

The meds are wrapped into a discrete package and shipped freely using unregistered mail, arriving within 14-21 days. However, if clients prefer trackable and faster options, an extra fee of $50 per package is charged. With this shipping method, the package is expected to be delivered within 7-9 working days which, honestly, is not that big of a difference. offers a money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied with the efficiency of my meds. Reshipping is also possible in case of damaged or lost orders.

The pharmacy can be contacted via their contact form on its website or by calling their toll-free number:  +1 (866) 503-48-18. Reviews

As for reviews, I discovered a few ones only on official website. Here’s what former customers have to say:

Tom will never buy “from another place again” since he believes the products are “well worth the price”. Charlotte is also happy since she’s seeing fast results in her daughter, ever knowing it “takes time to cure”. Kathy is amazed at MegaPharmNoRx’s services, asking them to start a “fan club” on social media. Tiffany believes the pharmacy is offering the “most competitive” prices she has ever seen, seeming quite pleased.

Fabio, who was able to treat his condition “without spending a fortune”, is another happy customer.

much like page, I could get rich if I had a penny every time I see these same testimonials on similar websites. I don’t know to which store these reviews actually belong to, but it’s clear that they aren’t referring to MegaPharmNoRx. A pharmacy that has the same clone and ordinary template design and attaches copied reviews is clearly unsafe and should not be trusted         under any circumstances.

image4 8 Reviews 2017

The scam analysis results sustain my initial suspicions. I evaluated credibility on two different scam alert sites; both of them provided me the same results: MegaPharmNoRx is presumably a scam.

Scam Adviser tells me that the pharmacy was blacklisted once, belonging to a group of phony e-shops. Moreover, despite being based in the United States, MegaPharmNoRx’s owner is hiding its true location, a technique very often used by illegal websites.

image1 8

I can see that this ordinary drugstore is not meeting the fundamental requirements of a licensed and recognized online pharmacy either. Legit Script suggests as a rogue internet pharmacy due to the store’s low credibility and lack of compliance with the regulatory laws.

image2 8

I wasn’t expecting anything else regarding MegaPharmNoRx. I was skeptical since I first browse the site and, indeed, this pharmacy is far from being the ideal store. In fact, after seeing this information, I will definitely use another online drugstore to get my meds. is just another dubious and illegitimate site on the internet. Coupon Codes

As for discounts and other ways to save a bit more of money, I am very impressed with offers. The store realized the importance of having such discounts on its website and is currently offering three distinct benefits:

– The pharmacy is having a special offer on most of its drugs, dispensing meds for, at least, 10% less than other e-pharmacies.

– Free delivery: MegaPharmNoRx will not charge any additional fees for shipping.

– Bonus ED pills: on every order, clients will receive complimentary pills as a gift.

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Conclusion is another ordinary e-pharmacy with a design that prevails in many other stores. In fact, this pharmacy seems to be almost a clone of other established online drugstores. I don’t believe this store has the essential qualities to be considered a safe and reliable source of meds. The most underlying issue that concerns me is the plagiarized reviews that MegaPharmNoRx attached on its own website. These reviews, besides unreliable, are found in many other drugstores on the internet. I can’t support pharmacies which practice this sort of heinous work, thus I must consider as an incompetent and illegitimate pharmacy. Additionally, Legit Scrip labeled MegaPharmNoRx as a rogue internet pharmacy and Scam Adviser proved it was once threat-listed. gets a 2 out of 5 rating. I can’t recommend buying from this low-credibility pharmacy.