Okpil.com Review – They Won’t Tell where their Drugs Come From!

Okpil.com is an online pharmacy that focuses on providing ED medications. The landing page of this online pharmacy shows the different ED drugs they offer such as Viagra and Cialis with its respective prices. Aside from ED drugs, they also have a list of obesity drugs. Okpil.com promises fast delivery with utmost confidentiality of their customers’ personal information and orders. Unfortunately, I am unable to find information about Okpil.com, when it started and if the drugs they offer are FDA-approved.

The main drugs that this online pharmacy is Viagra for men and women, Cialis and Kamagra. Their generic Viagra pill costs $0.81 while a branded Viagra pill (Pfizer) costs $7.29. Their generic Cialis costs $1.25 per pill while its branded counterpart costs $6.88 per pill.

Ordering from Okpil.com is very easy as they accept credit card for payment. Master, Amex, JCB Card, Visa, and Diners are acceptable. Upon completion of an order, a buyer’s card gets charged immediately. Their FAQ page says that they are using the latest encryption technology to ensure that your provided information is safe and secure.

There are two methods of shipping that Okpil.com uses. Customers can opt to have Trackable Courier Service or Express Delivery Service for $30. With this shipping method, the order can arrive within 5 to 9 business days. The second shipping method is Airmail service for $10. With this service, you can expect your order to arrive within 10 to 21 business days. For issues such as a lost package or damaged goods, customers should contact their support team for refund or reshipping of the order.

Upon checking Okpil.com’s FAQ and About US page, it doesn’t have any information whether their drugs are FDA approved. It just says these drugs are safe and of high-quality. With the question still in mind, I tried to reach their support team. At the moment, sending a query through their “Contact Us” form is the only option to reach Okpil.com. Phone and chat support are not available.

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Okpil.com Reviews

With no clear information about the safety of the drugs that Okpil.com offers, I tried to check for reviews and testimonials from their past customers. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t have a testimonial page. I tried to do a simple google search for reviews (from third party sites) with no result as well. The only feedback that Okpil.com is this:

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According to Marc, the service he got from Okpil.com was the best. Joseph, gave the site a 5-star rating because of its low price drugs while Alan rated it 5-star as well after receiving his high-quality medicine. The thing is, these feedbacks are from Trust Pilot and it seems like “Trust Pilot” was just used. The reviews don’t reflect any authenticity. It seems like the owner of this site just created those fake reviews and placed it in their homepage for everyone to see.

Okpil.com Reviews 2016

Although I no longer trust Okpil.com, I still want to see how the site is doing in scamadviser.com. According to the analysis of scamadviser.com, this online pharmacy could be based in the US or the Czech Republic. It is not clear because they are using different servers. In short, this website is a high-risk site with a “very low trust rating”.

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Scamner.com is another site that I normally use to check a website’s status. Upon checking the status of Okpil.com, it showed that even browsing is not recommended on this website. Now my doubts are confirmed – this site is not trustworthy.

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With two website analysis confirming my doubts about the legitimacy of Okpil.com, I now made up my mind and decided to move on to other online pharmacies to get my Viagra prescription.

Okpil.com Coupon Codes

Although I am no longer interested in buying from Okpil.com, I decided to check their current promotion. At the moment, they offer free shipping to customers whose order is at least $90 or above. I am not sure though if this is the airmail shipping or express shipping since the code didn’t say so.

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In addition to free shipping, customers can also get up to 30% bonus pills (if you order 100 Viagra pills, you will get free 30 pills). This is a very attractive offer – if only they can assure me that their website is real!


One of the things I am afraid of when making an online purchase is the possibility of becoming a scam victim. There are sites that will take your order, get your money and personal information, then disappears. After checking Okpil.com, it seems to me that this online pharmacy is a risky website to use.

For one, they cannot even claim that the drugs they offer are FDA-approved. Secondly, they do not have genuine reviews and testimonials from the previous customers. In addition, they don’t have any useful information on their website such as their office address or when did they start operation. Lastly, the lack of customer support (chat and phone support) made me realize that they are not worth considering as a “”.

With bad reviews and ratings from scamadviser.com and scamner.com, I would say that okpil.com is not the online pharmacy to get your ED drugs. The only good thing about this website is the price of the drugs they offer. With no one to say if these drugs actually work or even get delivered, I would say it is best to stay away from okpil.com. For using fake reviews and for having a website that doesn’t say much about them, I rate this okpil.com 1 out of 5.