Online RX Review: A Verified Network of Pharmacies that Guarantees the Delivery of Effective Medications

Online RX is an online pharmacy network that is made up of several websites with a resembling homepage and sells identical products at the same price. The only difference between them is the web addresses which the customer will use in accessing them. The network has applied this strategy with an aim of getting more customers since every website will generate its own traffic.

All the websites connected to Online RX are legitimate as they have all been verified by the authorities that are bestowed with the authority to control how online pharmacies operate. This means that they are all trusted sites that will not defraud you or deliver fake drugs any time you order your medications from either of them.

From the time Online RX was established in 1997, the network has assisted over 1000000 customers to get their prescription drugs which is quite commendable. None of these customers has complained about the quality of the drugs bought or been charged exorbitant prices for their medication. Below is a screenshot of Online RX network homepage that will help you to identify it whenever you need to purchase your medications online:

Some customers may be afraid of dealing with a network that has so many web addresses thinking that it is a pry to defraud them of their hard earned money but this should not be the case. Online RX has a reputation of sticking to its word when it comes to timely delivery of orders, the sale of good quality drugs at affordable prices, and ensuring that a licensed pharmacist is always available to attend to any concern raised by their customers.

Online RX Reviews

To understand how trustworthy Online RX is, look at the reviews below that have been submitted by customers who have been buying drugs from them. Charles from Deutschland says that he was able to save a lot by purchasing drugs at Online Rx instead of buying them at a local pharmacy. In addition to the drugs he had ordered, he was also able to get some free pills which is also a great way to save. Jessica also says that the prices of the drugs she purchased from the network were affordable.

Online RX Reputation Among Customers

David, who is a resident of Germany, says that his order was delivered on time and the pills were very effective. He is full of appreciation and he says that even his wife is appreciative of how effective the pills are. Michael had gone through a number of online pharmacies before settling from Online RX and he says that it has the best prices and the quality of the medications I also great. He has ordered from Online RX network of pharmacies four times and not even once has his delivery been delayed.

Considering what the customers who have been buying from Online RX are saying, you can also shop confidently as the network will ensure that you get your medications on time and you pay less for them. You will not even be asked for a prescription to be able to purchase the medications which make the process easier.

Online RX Online

Online RX can be accessed through a number of websites which works as one entity and these are,, and It will be impossible for customers to tell the website they are dealing with since they all have an identical homepage, and the drugs are sold at the same price. However, all orders are processed at the main website where a professional pharmacist will ensure that the right drugs are dispensed.

The network stocks a wide varied of medications that are sourced from reputable manufacturers who are known for the production of effective medications. These drugs have been taken through the necessary tests to ensure that they are fit for human consumption and will definitely treat the various complications. Some of the best selling drugs are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra which are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men. You will not need to struggle through the search box to find the best sellers as they are well displayed at the websites’ homepage.

Online RX Network of Pharmacies Bestsellers

If you look at the prices of the medications sold at Online RX network of pharmacies, you will notice that they get lower in higher quantities. This is a way of encouraging customers to buy their prescription drugs at once so that they will pay less.

Online RX Coupon Codes

By looking at the price of Cialis Extra Dosage 200mg below, you will notice that the prices of the drugs keep getting lower with a larger quantity. For ten pills, the price per pill will be $7.68, but if a customer buys 90 pills, he will be buying a pill at $3.34 and will have saved $390.17. It is important to plan ahead and buy your prescription drugs in bulk to enjoy such benefits.

When you get to the payment section, if the order exceeds $200, you will not pay for the shipping and this will make the total cost of the medications to get lower. A 10% discount will also be offered on every order placed at Online RX network.

Discounted Price of Cialis Extra Dosage 200mg

Online RX also offers free pills for every order placed which could be 10 pills of Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra which are erectile dysfunction medications.

Online RX Phone Numbers

The following are the contact numbers that can be used to reach Online RX network of pharmacies:

  • +1-718-487-9792
  • +4420-3239-7092

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

On searching the web, no complaints from any of the customer regarding spam messages or unwarranted calls were found. Those that talked of being contacted by the network said that they were being notified of the shipping progress or they made the call themselves requesting a clarification on some issues.


Online RX network of pharmacies has proven that they are legitimate since there are no complaints from any of the customers who have had a chance to deal with them. The drugs are the best, the prices are low and the delivery is swift and for this, we give them a 5* rating.