Review – Domain Registry Expired a Year Ago—This Shop may be Closing Soon

Due to the tough competition amongst online pharmacies on the web, some virtual shops come up with unique names for their service. For instance, Pain Relief Checkout Medical Store ( named its store peculiarly, unlike the common store names with country names + “Pharmacy” or “Online” next to them. is owned by the company RxAssets International Trade Ltd and the shop started its service in 2003. According to Pain Relief Checkout’s information, since 2003, the store has served more than 500,000 clients. The store operates from the United States and sources its products from Las Vegas-based ground pharmacies.

Although it appears that only caters to patients dealing with pain, the store actually offers a considerable number of products for various medical conditions apart from pain relief. You can find meds for weight loss, women’s health, anxiety, smoking cessation, ADHD, sexual health, and antibiotics on According to the shop’s data, the brands on the shop include Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Mylan, Meda, Sunovion, Acrux, Roche, Intas, Cipla, Abbott, Bayer, and several other international pharmaceutical companies, as well as local brands. The store has several best-selling products and it took the liberty to present the popular items on the main page. Here are only some of the popular products on

  • Oxycodone
  • Ambien
  • Klonopin
  • Ativan
  • Valium

The products on the store are available for consumers, and does not require the buyers to present a legal prescription for the items, despite the Rx-only status of some of the medications from the shop. This is so because is able to offer free medical consultations for its consumers, as the store is apparently affiliated with licensed doctors, who will review the orders and issue the appropriate prescriptions for the patients. However, strongly endorses face-to-face consultations with the patients’ respective physicians.

Since I am intrigued at the impotence products available on, I went on to check which ones are sold by the store. Pain Relief Checkout Medical Store offers an extensive product range even for erectile dysfunction meds, although the products I’ve seen are mostly generic versions of the iconic products containing Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil HCl. The shop sells 30 pills of the generic, no-brand Sildenafil 100 mg for $57, while sells its generic Tadalafil 20 mg (or the weekend pill) for $47 for the same 30 pill pack.

You can have any product on the store by paying for the products via the acceptable payment channels: VISA, MasterCard, VISA Electron, Maestro, American Express, Western Union, and finally, PayPal. You have to keep in mind, though, that Pain Relief Checkout is charging a flat rate of $30 for the shipping and handling. Pain Relief Checkout appears to cater to US-based clients alone and assures that the consumers that their package will arrive in approximately 12 days. If after 21 days the orders haven’t arrived yet, the consumers can request a reshipment from Consumers can contact using its contact information:


Pain Relief Checkout

212 West 91st Street New York NY 10024


+1 646-652-6543

+1 646-845-9585 Reviews

Reviews are indispensable when it comes to checking a shop’s credibility, as buyer recollections for any store’s service can tell a lot about its overall reliability. For this reason, I endeavored to look for consumer reviews for Pain Relief Checkout, but I ended up getting disappointed by the shop’s lack of web reviews. It is almost impossible for a validly operating store to not have reviews if it indeed is able to render reasonable to good service to its consumers. If buyers were able to transact with Painreliefcheckout during the past, the shop should’ve had at least a handful of web mentions. However, since the store had none, we can say that it may be unpopular with consumers, had little online exposure, and may be unattractive to consumers. Reviews 2016

Pain Relief Checkout did not have consumer mentions on the web for the present year, so instead of overturning the web for nothing, I used several platforms to further appraise the domain despite the absence of its reviews.

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Scamner was the first one I used; I discovered a 0/100 score for and according to, it is unsafe to browse and use due to concerns raised for its SSL certificate. The shop’s two years old to date, but its domain registry has expired a year ago.

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Using Scam Adviser for, on the hand, yielded poor results for the shop as well. was marked a “suspicious” web store due to its current “ROGUE” rating. The same 2-year age was detected by Scam Adviser for and overall, Pain Relief Checkout was awarded a score of 30/100. Coupon Codes

Reviews are unavailable for, but coupon codes and discount offers are absent as well. The shop’s lack of deals to lure clients may be one of the reasons why Pain Relief Checkout was unsuccessful, as stores with more offers tend to coax the consumers into buying the products they advertise.

Conclusion does not only offer pain relief medications—the store also has a lot of medicines for various clinical needs. The prices for the products are low, but the store offers only a minimum of 30 pills per purchase, so it is probably not a good idea to test the shop since the initial order amount will involve you spending almost a hundred dollars.

Reviews are unavailable for Pain Relief Checkout, which makes me believe that the shop is unreliable. Its trust scores are also discouraging, and I’ve discovered that this shop’s domain registry has already expired a year ago. This store may be closing soon. My verdict: 2 out of 5.