Review – A Scam Site which Uses Fake Reviews to Attract the Customers, from the onset, seemed like a quiet suitable option. From the way they had presented information on the site to their services, the drugstore had a good first impression on me as a new visitor. The site does not have any information related to where the store is located or how long they have been in business. However, there is a mailing address shared on the site which specifies the location of Barbados.

Aside from a large range of drugs that offers, the online is one of those few from where customers can buy pet medications and is probably, therefore, a good option for people who own pets. Anyways, I was most interested in finding out at what price they sell generic Viagra so I checked for it and concluded that the e-pharmacy is a cheaper option as they are selling Viagra at a price of 1 USD currently. All of the drugs sold by the e-pharmacy are FDA approved and they have specified a strict policy to provide them with a prescription in order to place an order.

Money payment methods accepted by include MasterCard, Visa, personal checks, bank drafts and international money orders. The online pharmacy charges a flat price of 10 USD on all orders regardless of the size of package or amount of order. Shipping is done using International Airmail only. After order processing which takes some time as well for validation of prescription and other protocols, the order is dispatched and is usually delivered to customers within a week. In case there arises an issue with the order processing method, delivery can be delayed for a week further.

According to the order cancellation, refund and return policy of the pharmacy’s site, if customers cancel the order before dispatch, they can get a full refund for their order. After the order has been sent, users cannot return it. However, in case of users are not satisfied with the quality of medics, they can claim a full refund for their order.

As discussed above, there is no specified location or information about the operation of the site, so I decided to contact live chat to get to know related information. However, even after a long wait, there wasn’t any response and the system kept on asking me to have patience.

image1 Reviews

On the landing page of the site, scrolling down will reveal what looked like a testimonial section. However, I discovered that there were just two hard coded customer reviews to make it look like a testimonials section. Surprisingly, both of the reviews were almost somewhat similar.

Mary from Florida in her posted review says that she is happy with the service provided by Safe Drugs Online and are called the company as being patient and helpful with user queries. She stated that she is ‘very pleased’ with the site’s service and would definitely recommend it to others. Another user by the name Donald from Texas specifies pretty much the similar things and says that he is ‘perfectly satisfied’ with the site’s service.

image3 12 image2 12

One important thing to notice here is that the customer reviews are on the vendor’s site and not on an independent website. Usually, internal reviews are not trustworthy and should not be considered in making any decision related to dealing with the site. Same is the case here that these reviews might be fake and a posted by the vendor himself just to provoke sales. Reviews 2016

Due to the lack of any trustable reviews, I resorted to various scam analyzers to gain further information about the online pharmacy. The results I obtained from Scam Advisor and Scamner have been discussed below. suggested to the customers to avoid browsing or buying from the site. The website has been marked as spam and the reports also specify that the site owner’s identity is unknown as the owner uses a service to hide his identity.

image5 11 labeled the virtual pharmacy as having a low trust rating and associates a high risk with the site. The reports also specify the pharmacy as unapproved and having low reliability and untrustworthiness.

image4 11

It is now quite clear from these results that the site is not trustable and the customers should avoid dealing with the site as there is a high chance that the site is involved in fraudulent business practices. Coupon Codes

Buying from stores on cost effective rates is something online buyers always prefer and online stores always offer such discount deals to attract more and more customers., on the other hand, does not offer a lot of such discount deals for customers. After an extensive search through the site, I just found a single “referral discount” on the site for customers which had somewhat confusing information. The sign stated “$25 just for you” which I’m assuming meant that customers can get 25 USD off of their order.

image6 5


Conclusively, the online drugstore can be counted as a scam site which uses fake reviews to attract the customers. Had it been a legit pharmacy, it could be a good-to-go place for pet owners as it is one of those rare places which sell pet medications.

However, there is almost nothing positive about the pharmacy that could be a convincing point to deal from What bugged me the most was the scam reports that that identified the involvement of fraudulent and bad business practices. The customer reviews were definitely fake as they were posted on the vendor’s site, the customer service didn’t respond either and the sites offer almost no coupon deals for the customers.

Because of these discussed factors, I give a rating of 1 out of 5.