Review – Website with Serious Trust Issues is an online web store that says that it is one of the best pharmacies in the business of supplying high-quality generic medications at low prices. The store has dedicated itself to offering medicines of the finest quality to different clients and is said to have earned respect of the customers from all over the world. All drugs available at this store are tested for their quality and are approved by the FDA before supplying them to different customers of the world. This process guarantees that the customers get best quality medicines at lowest possible prices. Additionally, the store also tends to provide all the relevant information about the drug that a client is interested in buying. Proper information is given about the dosage and all queries regarding the medicines are answered promptly by the store. Different categories of drugs are offered here such as antibiotics, anti-virals, ED, sleep aid, quit smoking, etc. I checked the price of generic Viagra and found that it is being sold at a cost of 3.8 US Dollars per 100 mg pill which is very costly.

Visa, E-Checks and American Express can be used to pay for drugs at Top-Online-Pills. Customers can either use Airmail delivery to get the product delivered in 3 weeks or EMS that delivers within 3 to 8 days. Refund or reshipment is provided if the parcel is damaged or the customer is not satisfied. The company can be contacted by calling at +1-760-284-3222 or +4420-3286-3820 or by filling a contact form. Reviews has a separate section on its website that is meant to display customer reviews that it has received over the years. I went through some of the reviews posted in that section which are discussed below.

Benjamin belonging to Andorra thanked the company for the “follow up” and said that he received the pills and also had “an opportunity to try them”. Benjamin particularly said that he was very happy along with his girlfriend.

The next comment was made by St Particks living in Irish France who said that he wanted to thank Top Online Pills for their “prompt and efficient service”. He said that his order arrived within the time period that was mentioned.

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Lastly, Samuel living in Spain said that he was thankful to the company for sending him Cialis that he had ordered. He said that “they seem to work very well”. Samuel once again thanked the store for all the help and said that their “helpful” customer support center is exemplary for other stores.

While I praised the presence of these absolutely positive customer reviews, I could not help but recall that I might have seen them somewhere else. With a little researching, I was able to find the exact same reviews posted on many other online websites proving that TopOnlinePills was just a hoax. I strongly discourage the customers to buy from such websites or engage in any kind of business with them. Reviews 2016

Because the reviews for the previous years were found to be copied and fake, it was crucial for me to check if the company had received any recent reviews that were authentic. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any. I still had no proof of Top Online Pills being an authentic store and I had to verify its status somehow. So, I decided to check LegitScript.

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According to the report presented by LegitScript, TopOnlinePills has failed to prove itself as a verified pharmacy. This is because LegitScript has found it in non-compliance with its rules and regulations. Hence, Top Online Pills has been termed as a rogue internet pharmacy with no trust records. This means that it has been disapproved by LegitScript for being used to buy drugs.

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Scamner has also issued a similar report as that of LegitScript. Top-Online-Pills has been given a zero percent trust rating by this scam detecting software. It has been said that this platform is not safe for browsing by the customers or for purchasing drugs of any kind. Scamner has also mentioned that this store is not popular and is rarely visited by the customers. Coupon Codes has given two types of offers to its customers to avail discounts and save money. The first offer is regarding free pills and the customers have been told that they will be provided free pills with all of the orders irrespective of its amount or any other aspect. It has also been mentioned that this offer is time limited and can expire soon.

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The second offer is about free shipping and Top Online Pills has mentioned that this offer is valid only for the orders that exceed the total net worth of 200 US Dollars.

Conclusion has not impressed me at all. Instead, I was appalled to find out that this store has posted fake reviews on its official website just to gain more popularity and increase their sales. Scamner and LegitScript do not even recognize this store as a valid one. For a store that has not been verified, I do not think discounts or prices of the drugs matter. Hence, I will give this pharmacy 1 out of 5 and would ask the customers to avoid interacting with such pharmacies for buying ED drugs.