Using the Right Kidney Stone Medication

Has the excruciating pain of passing a kidney stone left you extremely desperate for kidney stone medication? Chances are it has. You probably had no idea you had kidney stones, until one started passing through your urinary tract.

When a kidney stone passes, it can leave you with an intense, writhing pain. It can be so severe that youre afraid to move an inch.

In debilitating moments like these, it is often best to get medication. Yes. I know prevention is better than cure, but sometimes medicine is the only way out.

And since different kidney stones require different treatments, the types of medicine taken will vary too.

Have Struvite Stones?

Usually occurring in women more than men, struvite stones are the largest of all stones and are incredibly hazardous when untreated. If you often get urinary tract infections, you have a good chance of struvite stones forming in your kidneys.

To lessen the aggravation of these stones, your doctor will prescribe a batch of antibiotics for you to use. These antibiotics will rid the urinary tract of germs and prevent the occurrence of dangerous infections. The use of aluminum hydroxide kidney stonesmedicine is recommended as well.

What about Uric Acid Stones?

When you eat too much red meat, you run the risk of getting uric acid stones. This type of stone can be treated with Allopurinol. It helps your body to reduce its uric acid levels and minimize the formation of these stones.

As a medication for kidney stones, doctors often recommend the use of Allopurinol along with an alkaline compound to fully dissolve the stones that already exist in the kidneys.

Cystine Stones

If you suffer from a genetic disease, you are very susceptible from contracting cystine stones. These kidney stones have hard physical characteristics and are very hard to treat.

Medication for cystine stones is hard to find, but an urologist can inform you of the necessary kidney stones medication you can take.

Need to pass small kidney stones?

Smaller stones, on the other hand, can be passed successfully with alpha-blockers. Your doctor will analyze the size of your kidney stones and decide whether the medicine for kidney stones can be used. These alpha-blockers relax the muscles in your urinary tract to encourage and stimulate the passing of kidney stones safely, and with reduced pain.

Ask your doctor about other options for kidney stone medication. If the pain youre feeling is starting to affect your life, consult a professional immediately.

And remember it is just as important knowing how to prevent kidney stones as it is to curing them.