Review – Place Where Only Expensive Generic ED Drugs are Offered! is an online pharmacy that caters to anyone in the world, except US customers. This online drugstore offers a wide array of medicines, from ED drugs to Weight Loss drugs. Among the things they promised to their customers is 100% satisfaction guarantee with drugs they are shipping, customer security with VeriSign Secure Site System, Age Alert Verification System to ensure that no minors can order their drugs and discreet shipping of orders.

On, there is no information as to when started operating. The site has a main office at Royal Road Grand Bay in Port Luis, Mauritius. This website offers generic medicines and they do ask for prescriptions as needed.

This online drugstore has a category that shows their “incredible offer” and “special offer”. Under each category is a list of medicines that fall under each category. Among the medicines they offer are ED drugs, anti-allergy drugs, anti-viral drugs, asthma drugs and cholesterol medications.

If you are looking to fill your ED prescription like me, then you can get yours from A generic Levitra pill (40mg) costs $5.18 while a generic Viagra pill (100mg) costs $3.56. Compared to other online pharmacies, this is a bit expensive for a generic ED drug considering that these medicines from are from India (just like most online pharmacies). Whether these medicines are Indian FDA approved was not mentioned on the site though.

Ordering from was made easier with the available payment methods they have. They now accept credit card payment, debit card payment, and bank transfer. Once an order is confirmed, customers can choose between Air Mail Registered or Priority Mail and Trackable Courier. Air Mail Registered or Priority Mail takes 8-12 days for the shipment to get delivered and it costs $39. Trackable Courier costs $70 but only takes 4-5 working days for the order to get delivered. seems reliable enough for me but I want to know if the drugs they offer are FDA approved hence I tried to contact them. According to their site, they can be reached through their support operators anytime, all the time. They have a chat support which is available from 9.00-17.00 CET, Monday to Friday. When their chat support team is not available, inquiries can be sent through their contact form.

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Since ViagraNowOnline customer support is offline, I sent them a message through their contact form.

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Customers who placed an order and wished to cancel it can do so within 24 hours. Cancellation can be done by contacting the support team of When it comes to their refund policy, they do have a money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the effect of the medicine they bought. In addition, if an order was not delivered after 30 days, the full amount of money paid for it will be credited back to the buyer’s credit card. This refund policy does not apply to customers who paid with their debit card. For those who paid with their debit card, will reship the missing order. Reviews doesn’t have reviews or customer testimonials to back up the claims of this online drugstore. With no testimonials to base my judgment, I am thinking of making a pass on this site. As an online buyer, I always rely on customer feedback and reviews.

Since there are no reviews, I am not willing to risk my money for this website. I will still check the status of from other sites despite the fact that I am no longer planning to buy from them. Reviews 2016

On, was listed as a “threat”. The location of the site according to can be in the US or Romania. Their office address though that was on their main page was in Royal Road Grand Bay in Port Luis, Mauritius.

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The trust rating of as per is at 50%. It means that although it is listed as a threat, there are people who might find it trustworthy.

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On though, is under the category of a “rogue” website. Being tagged as “rogue” means this site is not dependable hence everyone should be aware when making a purchase from it. Coupon Codes

In order to attract customers, introduced some coupon codes that potential customers can buy. Among the promotions that they have are as follows:

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Customers can get 50% on their purchases as part of the site’s hot summer sales. Customers who will be paying through bank transfer can also get one blister for free provided that their order is more than $190.


One of the first things I noticed from this site is their expensive ED drugs. Their generic Viagra and Cialis drugs cost more than $5 a pill when in fact I can get it for less than $1 from other online pharmacies. Perhaps it is because this is a legit online pharmacy? I wouldn’t risk such big amount of money to check if this is indeed a legit store!

I also find their lack of enough customer support as dangerous because if I want to cancel my order (which I need to do within 24 hours), and I end up ordering on a weekend, then I won’t be able to cancel my order! The order query I sent them was unanswered as well hence I don’t trust this online drugstore at all.

Last but not the least, the fact that it is not clear whether these Indian drugs are Indian FDA approved cut the last thread of hope I have for regarding its legitimacy. For these reasons, I am giving a rating of 1 out 5 stars.